Confidential Bombshell News About China Apex.

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Confidential Bombshell News About China Apex.

 news 2017-04-06 at 1:15:15 pm Views: 701
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    Confidential Bombshell News About China Apex.  
    Tonernews has obtained more insider info on China's Apex business plans going forward, this info was sent to us as "confidential" so we cannot name the source but can share what we have with you to some extent.   


    FYI *Confidential*  
    APEX will stop selling Compatible(Counterfeit) chips for Konica Minolta, Dell, Toshiba and Ricoh because of pressure from Lexmark, this is due in large part because Lexmark manufactures some printers and printer parts for these oem's, therefor its a conflict of interest for Apex to sell those fake/counterfeit chips any longer since it now affect Lexmark's printer manufacturing process, So word is these chips for these oem brands will never come to market again as long as Apex owns Lexmark, a well know Korean chip company is preparing to send out newsletter about this, we don't know if this company is working with Apex or is a separate entity?.   


    Does this means that S.C.C. will not sell chips anymore, NO!   
    Word is that S.C.C. will keep on selling these (Counterfeit) chips for other brands since we are also hearing that they just increased Hp universal chip production by 45% and that they have strong-armed other Chinese suppliers under menace in order to control the process, therefor this still shows that they are double dipping and that they are still selling fake counterfeit chips and toners Trough S.C.C. and many other companies, at Tonernews we don't really believe that Apex has that kind of respect from what Lexmark dictates since counterfeiting in China is a well known fact throughout the world and greed is still a factor.  
    Apex Technology signs investment framework agreements to buy 51 pct stake in three technology companies, but wont name these 3 companies publicly? Tuesday, 7 Mar 2017 03:59am EST  
      Image result for lexmark european headquarters
    Also this past week Lexmark invited the European commission to their remanufacturing facility in Poland to show the commission how they recycle cartridges and how these cartridges are being sold off to exclusive customers thru Lexmark's MPS program for the next 3 months, this was done in large part to gets more EU recycling certificates and to show that they Still recycle .  


    China's Apex is reporting a lose this 1st Q. of 2017, is it real or cooked-up?  
    judging from what we just mentioned we believer that this lose was create as a distraction for the time being to get some publicity
     heat off them.
    Apex Technology sees FY 2017 Q1 net loss to be 850 mln yuan to 1,250 mln yuan.

    We want to thank our friends around the world for their help and support.