China Apex Sell Fake Counterfeit Ricoh Toner Chips As Oem Ricoh Layoff

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China Apex Sell Fake Counterfeit Ricoh Toner Chips As Oem Ricoh Layoff

 news 2017-04-11 at 11:02:42 am Views: 206
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    China Apex Sell Fake Counterfeit
    Ricoh Toner Chips As Oem Ricoh Layoffs 1300 Employees

    The company has discussed an update to its Apex Support firmware app.

    Image result for fake Counterfeit  Ricoh Toner Chips Apex

    Apex has updated the app for mobile device users with a “need-to-know” posting that states “your copier products for Ricoh ‘04’ series still have a risk from firmware upgrade[s]”, adding that “we will release more reports about firmware upgrades” in the app in future. In 2016 it launched Apex Support, the “first app for the aftermarket” that provides the latest information on upgrades and new printers.

    For more information, visit
    https://   w ww.

    Image result for fake Counterfeit   Toner Chips Apex