Not Much Toner News Out There?

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Not Much Toner News Out There?

 news 2017-05-18 at 12:19:03 pm Views: 367
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    Not Much Toner News Out There? 
    by Jim Ladd /  [email protected] 

    We are noticing something that has really never happened before in our industry, since we've been documenting the industry over the past 14 years, we have noticed this year in particular the lack of news for our print industry?, not much going on these past couple of months?, in the past, even last year we had no problem sending out 40+ articles relating to print a week, this year its hard to find anything interesting and important that would make our readers interested.

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    OEM News. 
    Besides Hp and Xerox, it seams that all the other OEMs are either hush about their slice of the industry or nothing really is going on out there with them? we are noticing a strong push by Hp and Xerox to inform, educate and share information about their companies, everyone else even the big Canon is not saying much these days?. 

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    FREE Platform On 
    Over the years we have spoiled our readers with many articles related to our industry, therefor we are reaching out to you today our readers to inform us of your stories, your business, your ideals, your innovation, your success, your struggles, what makes you click, please share so we can lets the industry know that the ink is still flowing out there, send us your news, big or small and we will give you a FREE platform on and help you reach out to all our readers and also help you drum up some business as well.
    [email protected] 

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