The Reman Toner industry Lives-On, Thanks To The U.S. Supreme Court.

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The Reman Toner industry Lives-On, Thanks To The U.S. Supreme Court.

 news 2017-06-10 at 10:59:56 am Views: 660
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    The Reman Toner industry Lives-On, Thanks To The U.S. Supreme Court. 
    You can now remanufacture any Lexmark Or Dell empty toner cartridge anywhere around the world anytime and it's now 100% legal, All Eyes on China as OEM Lawsuits Vs. Chinese Cloned Toner Industry, Now Imminent.

    By [email protected]

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    May 30th 2017, a day in that will be remembered in infamy at least in our Little industry for some time to come, The OEM Lexmark arch enemies of the world's toner remanufacture industry has been dealt a hard blow like no other in our industry thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling Allowing all Lexmark Toners To be Remanufactured anywhere around the world, The U.S. Courts has given life back to a struggling honest toner remanufacture industry mired in lawsuits and a wave on fake (cloned/counterfeit) toners and inks coming out China. 
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    We where all trilled at Tonernews when this news came out, we are still grinning from ear to ear :) , its been a long road to get to this point and now all imports and exports of empty Lexmark toner cartridges are free to flow legally across all International customs borders around the world, you can now remanufacture any Lexmark, Samsung & Dell empty toner cartridge anywhere around the world anytime and it's now 100% legal.

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    From our point of view on May 30th 2017 justice was served, and now part #2 is about to be served as well, would like to let everyone in the industry know that the OEM lawsuits Vs. China's toner Cloners are just around the corner, we have been hearing that the OEMs' where basically waiting for this ruling from the U.S. Supreme in order to launch their own lawsuits Vs. China's toner cloners, so dont expect the OEMs' to sit idle any longer, we also believe that all the Chinese toner Cloners that sell these fake toners and ink in the U.S. will bow-down eventually due to the high cost of defending these lawsuits Vs. the Oem's, besides that all the owners of these Chinese clone toner and ink companies are already in hiding in China, they probably wont even have the coyones to come defend themselves in person in our U.S. Courts.
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    To all Honest toner remanufactures that have hung in there during these years of doubt, we want to personally thank you all for staying afloat and for fighting the good fight, although more challenges are ahead, our industry is a great example of persistence and honesty, so please keep on remanufacturing and keep on helping the environment and support your local markets because you are all doing the right thing, and don't let anyone tell you any different!.

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