Anonymous: SCC Working On Secret Back Channel Deal With Lexmark

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Anonymous: SCC Working On Secret Back Channel Deal With Lexmark

 news 2017-07-07 at 10:42:44 am Views: 801
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    Anonymous: China's SCC Working On Secret Back
    Channel Deal With Lexmark Over Toner Chip Monopoly. 

    SCC is about to sign an agreement with Lexmark over
    MS, and MX  toner chips, as well as the new generation of Lexmark 4 toners. 

    SCC will receive a quota to offer chips for the Aftermarket from Lexmark, It should be noted that the SCC will be on a very short leash, furthermore SCC will only sell these chips exclusively for each region, this will also give SCC another advantage, the concept is that SCC trough China can only sell Asian chips for that region and they will be prevented to sell EU chips to China toner cloners companies for that purpose, in effect no Chinese Toner Cloner of Lexmark toner products can come to Europe (at least theoretically, but lets not under estimate our friendly two-face Chinese toner cloners), In return Lexmark will NOT supply any reman toners in Europe due to this agreement, in order to give SCC this exclusive agreement. 
    However the finished products offered by SCC will become significantly even more expensive then they presently are, For example on the Lexmark MS 410 toner chips, SCC presently offers these chips at 22.00 each‚ the new prices will be around 65.00 each we are told, Ouch!. 
    Once SCC signs this deal with Lexmark, MS & MX Lexmark toner chips will flow again around the world at these new higher prices, don't expect any good deal on these toner chips anytime soon since the Chinese monopoly lives-on in our industry with the help from the OEM Chinese owned Lexmark Corp, this is another example of antitrust laws being broken around the world by Chinese owned companies. 

    Related image This information came in trough one
    of our anonymous sources, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this news, however we are making it available for our readers to base their own views and opinions of this information.