CartridgeWebsite Now Available On Mobile Devices.

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CartridgeWebsite Now Available On Mobile Devices.

 news 2017-07-11 at 12:42:27 pm Views: 410
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    CartridgeWebsite Now Available On Mobile Devices.
    The platform is now available on all Mobile devices and Tablets.
    By Lisa McCabe “Industry Spot”.

     Ink & Toner businesses can now use the Platform to enable their online store over the web and mobile devices. The new functionality allows consumers to shop using their mobile devices. Over 50% of consumer shopping is now done over mobile devices. If you have an existing website and need to add comprehensive e-Commerce capabilities on the Web and Mobile devices, the new platform accommodates both in a single solution.

    Additionally, since the CartridgeWebsite platform comes preloaded with over 5000+ Ink & Toner Cartridge models (across all brands of printers), you can launch a comprehensive Ink & Toner website within 24 hours which is also mobile accessible.

    Some key unique features such as circulating custom coupons for your Clients as well as the ability to use the “Bill Me” feature for corporate customers, makes this new version extremely versatile for both small and large businesses.

    If your website doesn't have shopping capability, or you're looking for a better option, I would highly recommend a demo by Duane, not only is the site extremely user-friendly, but the administrative tools are clear and easy to understand, exciting new product, and I look forward to more from in the future.