Canon Gets Patent Infringement Injunction Vs. Coemedia GmbH.

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Canon Gets Patent Infringement Injunction Vs. Coemedia GmbH.

 news 2017-08-25 at 10:22:11 am Views: 377
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    Canon Gets Patent Infringement Injunction Vs. Coemedia GmbH.
    Canon announces the grant of a preliminary injunction for patent infringement in Germany Vs. Coemedia GmbH and its Managers.

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    TOKYO, August 25, 2017-Canon today announced that it obtained a preliminary injunction, which inter alia contains injunctive relief, granted by the District Court Düsseldorf against Coemedia GmbH as well as against its managing director. The preliminary injunction is based on the infringement of the German portion of Canon's European patent EP 2 087 407 relating to a drum unit and a process cartridge. The preliminary injunction enjoins Coemedia GmbH from offering and distributing laser toner cartridges comprising a drum unit with a certain coupling member, e.g. via under the ASINs (=Amazon Standard Identification Number) B0052WDC3S and B00CSNENYG. The mentioned cartridges can replace the cartridge models HP CE505X and HP CF280X compatible with HP laser beam printers.

    The preliminary injunction granted by the District Court Düsseldorf is not yet final. Canon can enforce the decision after service of the PI on the Defendants is completed.
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