Chinese Customs Arrest Multiple Gangs in Huge Copier Smuggling Ring.

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Chinese Customs Arrest Multiple Gangs in Huge Copier Smuggling Ring.

 news 2017-08-28 at 1:10:39 pm Views: 1925
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    Chinese Customs Arrest Multiple Gangs in Huge Copier Smuggling Ring.
    Guangzhou, Huangpu, Dalian, Nanjing and other 12 directly under the customs, jointly launched a smuggling second-hand copier, printer special action, as of now arrested the suspects 66 people, destroyed smuggling gangs 20, on-site seizure of more than 2,500 printers valued at 225 million yuan.

    With Contributions By Bob Aspland And George Hinkle.
    (Google Translated To English.)

    Dalian, 24 Aug, 2017 (Xinhua) – Dalian Customs has recently carried out joint operations in Guangzhou, Huangpu, Nanjing, Changsha and other 12 directly under the Customs and Excise Department to smuggle imported second-hand copiers, printer special operations, seized thousands of Taiwan smuggling second-hand copiers, the amount involved Over 200 million yuan.

    In this operation, the Dalian Customs dispatched anti-smuggling police and police armed police nearly 100, knocked out suspected of smuggling imported second-hand copier of a criminal gang, on the spot arrested eight suspects, the main suspect all the case.

    Dalian Customs inspection department found that Dalian customs area there are illegal enterprises to declare the phenomenon of low imports of old copier prices. Through the intelligence operation was informed that the criminal group led by Ma for the rewards of illegal interests, and Guangdong, Hunan and other places the actual consignor conspiracy, the use of Dalian, a second-hand copier import qualification of the company, the owner of the procurement of second-hand copier through counterfeit declaration Documents, low prices in Dalian and other ports smuggled imports, lower than the rate of more than 50%. These smuggled imported second-hand copiers after a simple renovation process, they will be low-cost rental for profit.

    It is understood that the operation of the scene seized smuggled Canon, Fuji and other brand copiers a total of 1228 Taiwan, a large number of documentary evidence, evidence and electronic evidence, the initial estimate of 225 million yuan, tax more than 21 million yuan. The case is being further investigation.

    Trade War Begins: Used Office Equipment Early Casualty.
    China Responds To American Threats.
    by Bob Aspland.
    Related image

    August 19, 2017, hundreds of containers were seized in Hong Kong with thousands expected to join them within a month. 62 Chinese buyers of used copiers/WF were taken into custody as the "trade war" between China and the United States began last Friday. 

    Brokers along with major leasing companies (including Wells Fargo, Bank of America and others) are expected to be the most damaged with this development. All, including authorized dealers will find their warehouses bursting at the seams in just a few weeks.

    US prices collapsed on Monday and will continue in a free fall over the next few months.  Be prepared to move your marketing efforts away from China to scrap metal companies and the US domestic market.

    Aspland International suspended buying for export 6 months ago as we executed our plan of diversification. We now provide consulting services to our former buyers in China. 

    Hunan Xinhua Chamber of Commerce has asked that this response be distributed.

    We supplied this to Wide Format Brokers on Monday August 21, 2017. The translation is a direct “Google Translate”. Though not perfect, it provides an overview of the current events in China.

     Hunan Province, Hunan Xinhua Chamber of Commerce in action!
    Image result for U.S. china trade war

    Hunan Province, Hunan Chamber of Commerce on the 18th morning that the General Administration of Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau to take a sudden action to combat second-hand copiers, printer smuggling, has detained 62 people, we are very shocked!

    The country engaged in the work of the customs more than the township, the Chamber of Commerce management attaches great importance to instruct the Secretariat and the work of the Office of the work as the most important task of docking and coordination, now do the work as follows :

    1, Through the formal channels to understand the developments and policy trends. Every half day at least once to the Xinhua County, the county government in charge of the leadership report to the situation in Guangdong, seeking government guidance and help. County leaders have given the "government level close attention, cordial care, best support" instructions.

    2, The "Chinese culture office equipment manufacturing industry association" made contact. The association, as the national manufacturer of copier remanufacturing standards, has made it clear that this afternoon will make every effort to understand and coordinate the matter, hoping that we will be able to report on the relevant units so that they can report to the relevant ministries on Monday, Level and national high-level dialogue, communication.

    3, Commissioned by the Guangdong Xinhua Chamber of Commerce lawyers special committee Li Minghua director, Luo Jianhui deputy to live tomorrow (20) 14:00 to Cencun for fellow villagers legal aid; from the legal level to guide the villagers docking law enforcement departments, interpretation of policy and Law, collect evidence, clarify facts, avoid risks, and reduce losses.

    Concerned about the new cultural concerns, Wang villagers calm and united as one, brainstorming the protection of the industry's legitimate rights and their own future. We have been with you, together to meet the risk, tide over the storm! Guangdong Province, Hunan Xinhua Chamber of Commerce Secretariat August 19, 2017"

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