After Seizure India Begins Probe Into Imports Of Used Photocopiers.

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After Seizure India Begins Probe Into Imports Of Used Photocopiers.

 news 2017-08-29 at 1:32:47 pm Views: 519
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    After Huge Seizure India Begins Probe Into Imports Of Used Photocopiers.
    The CBI Anti-Corruption Unit in Kochi has launched an investigation into the seizure of 8,000-odd multi-functional photocopiers by the Customs Department from the port here in February.

    By Express News Service.

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    The probe follows suspicion the Kolkata-based companies which imported the machines were bogus and fake addresses were used in the documents submitted at the Cochin Port.

    Of the 8,000-odd machines arrived in Kochi, 3,100 were found to be e-waste. The machines, imported by Athul Automation and Parag Domestic Appliances, allegedly contained hazardous elements such as cadmium, selenium and iridium. The Customs Department and the State Pollution Control Board ordered the agency to re-export the photocopier machines.

    The Kerala High Court had imposed a fine of Rs 1.2 crore on the importers. However, a Customs tribunal in Bengaluru had recently set aside the order of Customs Department.

    The CBI has received information that more than 25,000 multi-functional photocopiers, mainly from the US and Germany, passed through the Cochin port in the last three years. The imports were made by different agencies. However, the CBI has received information these photocopiers were imported by a single firm under the names of several agents.

    “We have not registered any case in this regard. Only a preliminary inquiry has been launched.  We have received some details about the agencies which imported the machines. We are checking the number of consignments imported earlier and whether any Customs officers facilitated the import. We are also checking whether the state and Central Pollution Control Board had information about the imports of the photocopiers. If we get concrete evidence, we will register a case and conduct a detailed probe,” a CBI officer said.

    The CBI has requested the State Pollution Control Board whether any annual returns have to be filed by the agents for importing goods as e-waste. The CBI is also attempting to get information from the photocopier manufacturing companies in the US and Germany regarding the purpose for sending these machines to India. A letter in this regard will be sent soon.

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