Why TAA Compliant Toner Cartridges From Q2 Are The BEST In The Ind!

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Why TAA Compliant Toner Cartridges From Q2 Are The BEST In The Ind!

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    Why TAA Compliant Toner Cartridges From Q2 Are The BEST In The Industry‚Äč.
    Q2 has introduced remanufactured toner cartridges for the  CF400/401/402/403X series for the HP Color Laserjet ProMFPM252/ 274/ 277. 

    Image result for Q2products toner hp

    TAA Complaint remanufactured toners from Q2 are the best in the industry according to our customers.  So good that they will put it in writing.
    Image result for TAA Compliant remanufactured toners

    EDM Automation is a full-service IT services and support company. Full-service includes
    printer support, maintenance and advising our clients as to how to keep their printers working
    longer and how to reduce consumable costs like toner, without jeopardizing quality and the
    manufacturers’ warranty.

    In order to properly advise our clients, we did extensive research to learn more about printer
    toner cartridges. We found that toner purchased from the original manufacturer (OEM) was moreexpensive than gold on an ounce per ounce basis, and in turn sometimes added up to a largemonthly expense to our customers. However, better alternatives were not necessarily obvious as wefound many factors affect the quality and usability of alternative sources of toner. The most obviousvariable is the manufacturer who creates the compatible cartridges and those that remanufactureoriginal toner cartridges. Besides quality, the major factor in alternative replacement toner cartridgeswas price. There was a wide range of pricing between non-OEM and OEM manufacturers, aswell as, differences between new foreign compatibles verses remanufactured toner cartridges.Every toner dealer says that their toner is guaranteed but to put it to the test we started withcompatibles that were manufactured primarily overseas using new cartridges. 

    We narrowed the list to manufacturers that we knew were solid companies that have been in the toner business forsome time successfully. Then we installed their cartridges into real businesses. The results weredisappointing. We had a number of black cartridges that leaked or were defective. The failurerate was much higher than OEM’s and we found that color had an even higher failure rate and lessthan stellar color quality. We next searched for the best quality remanufactured toner cartridgesand consulted with people in the industry who could explain to us more of the differences in tonerinks and manufacturing practices. The quest had us trying out TAA compliant toner cartridges fromQ2,LLC. and three other well-known best-of-breed manufacturers in the industry. The difference inquality was apparent from the beginning and ultimately the cartridges obtained from Q2 were theclear winners. The higher quality TAA Compliant toner cartridges cost more than Asian compatiblesbut were still significantly cheaper than OEM alternatives and yet they provided the quality that oneexpects from an OEM cartridge. We had very few problems or returns and we found that the colorcartridges actually worked well and with comparable color quality as the OEM cartridges.

    In summary, we chose not to sell the cheap compatible cartridges because the poor quality
    reflected on our credibility as a company. When customers had bad experiences with cheap
    compatibles they ended up reverting back to expensive OEM cartridges, which defeated the goal
    of saving money. With the TAA compliant toner cartridges from Q2 we rarely have problems,
    the print quality is excellent and the cost to our customer is significantly less than an OEM
    cartridge. Ultimately, our customers get the best of all worlds. We have been more than happy withQ2’s commitment to quality and the outstanding customer support and would recommend them toanyone looking for OEM quality replacement toner cartridges.

    Lee Nelson, President
    EDM Automation
    4445 Corporation Lane Suite 291
    Virginia Beach VA 23462

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