Clover imaging Group Launches Latin America Website.

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Clover imaging Group Launches Latin America Website.

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    Clover imaging Group Launches Latin America Website.
    Features 1,300 Imaging Products, Intelligent Search and Region Specific Content.

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    Chicago, Ill. (October 23, 2017) Clover Imaging Group (CIG), a global provider of premium remanufactured imaging supplies and services, announced today the launch of a new website targeted specifically to Latin America customers.

    “We are excited for our customers to experience the new CIG Latin America website. For the first time, our dealers are able to explore CIG’s entire catalog of imaging products online and learn more about the complete suite of value-added services and programs that we have to offer to customers in the Latin America region,” said Manny Matamoros, Director of Latin America Sales, Clover Imaging Group.

    Features of the new include:
    •Website available in Spanish and English
    •Streamlined user interface
    •Responsive technology design, ensuring a flawless
    user experience regardless of browser or device
    •Robust and intelligent search functionality
    •Comprehensive product information for over 1,300 products including
    the most complete printer and product compatibility information available,
    images, installation and troubleshooting videos
    •Relevant, organized content for all of CIG Latin America’s services, products, support and more

    “Over the last 12 months, we have worked closely with our Latin America sales team to develop a rich, content-driven website that will meet the needs of our growing Latin America customer base. We will continue to develop region specific content and functionality to give all our global customers the tools they need to successfully manage this category and drive their business,” said Mike Posch, SVP E- Commerce, Product Management, and Merchandising for Clover Technologies Group.

    Please visit the new to learn more. 

    About Clover Imaging Group.
    Centered around sustainable innovation, Clover Imaging Group (CIG) offers independent dealers, OEMs, and retailers a complete imaging and solutions platform. CIG’s broad array of products and services includes award-winning remanufactured printer cartridges and parts, a comprehensive suite of managed print and technology services, and unparalleled marketing and sales support. Far from its early beginnings as an ink and toner remanufacturer, CIG has evolved into a billion dollar enterprise backed by a world-class engineering, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure. These expansive capabilities enable CIG to provide a level of partnership unsurpassed in the aftermarket imaging space.

    For more information on CIG Latin America,
    please visit:
    Contact: Manny Matamoros
    Director of Latin America Sales
    [email protected] 

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