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 news 2017-11-07 at 11:30:08 am Views: 350
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    By [email protected] 

    Well, Well, Well, Its always entertaining when industries collide, there is no confusion these days as to  what is happening in the toner industry, your either pro Reman and oem Toner or your pro 
     Chinese clone/counterfeit toner. 
    Image result for cloned toner
    Cloned Toners: Not a legitimate Industry! 
    The world's oem manufacturer and toner remanufactures did not invent clone toners, the Chinese however did invent this counterfeit industry out of thin air, sure they can sell these clone/counterfeit toners all over the Europe and in Asia and most of the world with almost no objection, but in the USA its a different story, we have been exposing this fake industry since last December and will continue to do so,  calling Fake News will not deter us from exposing this bogus industry, we provide the industry with over 100+ article a month, nobody else even comes close to providing so much information, we verify as much info as we can considering the task but we do make mistakes from time to time, we are only human, regardless we believe that people and businesses make up their own mind by their own experiences with products they buy pertaining to our industry. 

    Image result for cloned toner 

    Chinese Clone Toner Are An Inferior Product.
    Everyone knows that Chinese Clone Toner are an inferior product, this has been well documented fact throughout the industry by The OEMs' and many others, calling Tonernews fake news and then grabbing articles from Tonernews the next day show that China's and Uk's Therecycler still lacks originality and a clear vision for their Fake industry, Furthermore they still let OEM Toner counterfeiter at their trade shows because to them clones and counterfeit toners are a normal way of life, they do this  in many other industries all around the world and they will continue to do so, since they don't think that what they are doing is wrong, and thats what we makes everyone aware of around the world in our industry at
    Image result for