China Apex Expects A Decrease Of -30% To -40% in Revenue For Lexmark

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China Apex Expects A Decrease Of -30% To -40% in Revenue For Lexmark

 news 2017-11-07 at 12:02:10 pm Views: 606
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    China Apex Ninestar Expects A Decrease Of
    -30% To -40% in Revenue For Lexmark For Full Year Of Next Year. 

    Public information station major news announcement.
    Xie Yi: According to the results of the key customer Lexmark talks,
    it is estimated that its revenue for the full year next year, about -30 to -40%.

    (Google Translated To English)
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    Co-benefit impact Announcement The company's
    main business changes and the consequences of countermeasures matters.
    1. Date of factual occurrence: 2017/11/03 
    2. Company name: Xie Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. 
    (1) Lexmark International Inc. ("Lexmark"), a major customer of the Company, is indirectly owned as to 51.18% by Apex Technology Co., Ltd. (Note: Apex Technology Co., Ltd. on May 26, 2017 changed its name to the NST CO., LTD ; Ninestar Corporation : Main business covers R & D. Production , processing and sale of laser printers , multi-function ( Fax) one machine, photocopiers and laser cartridges, toner, ink cartridges, ink, ink cartridge shell, ribbons, with boxes, computer peripherals and other printer supplies and accessories products of the above products, recycling inkjet cartridge, Recycling laser printer toner cartridge filling processing and sales). 
    (2) The Company went to Geneva in late October for talks with Lexmark on its future cooperation and its business development cooperation. 
    (3) Conclusions of the talks: Based on the results of the meeting in Geneva, under the other assumptions, the Company estimated a decrease of about 30% ~ 40% in revenue for the full year of next year . 

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    6. Response: 
    (1) Continue to strengthen its relationship with Lexmark. 
    (2) Continuous development of niche products business.
    (3) Strengthen diversified management. 
    7. Other items that should be clarified: The Company's revenue for the full year of next year is still subject to the actual situation of the year, pending the checking or verification by the accountants of the Company, the related announcement will be made according to relevant regulations.

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