German Association Warns: Amazon Does Not Pay Their Dealers Money.

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German Association Warns: Amazon Does Not Pay Their Dealers Money.

 news 2017-11-14 at 10:33:31 am Views: 353
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    German Association Warns: Amazon Does Not Pay Their Dealers Money.
    (Google Translated To English)

    More and more BVOH-organized online retailers report that Amazon has not been paying merchants any more for a week or so. Even after repeated contact with Amazon, the dealers would receive only a hint that there is a technical glitch.
    Amazon logistics center in Leipzig: The BVOH reported irregularities in the payments to marketplace dealers.  (Image: Amazon)
    However, a solution, such as payments on account, would not be offered to the marketplace traders. Many traders would have attributed this problem only to the time change or the holiday. However, this does not seem to apply, because according to the seller forum, Amazon dealers are obviously in the UK before the same problem. The communication from Amazon is criticized. Normally, Amazon communicates with dealers through the Seller Central Portal. But at this point so far no such information has been published, the association continues.

    Wolfgang Wentzel, lawyer of the Federal Association of Online Trade (BVOH) demands: "Amazon has no right of retention to the seller, as long as the seller and his obligations to Amazon and the end customer fulfilled (§ 273 para. 1 BGB). If a right of retention is exercised without reason and, in addition, by a financially superior person to one who is dependent on him, this can be regarded as an illegal interference with the legal position of the dealer, which he does not have to accept. Amazon must take into account the rights, legal interests and interests of its commercial sellers (see § 241 Abs. 2 BGB). Releasing an upfront payment and proactively communicating the problem to the seller are the bare minimum of what Amazon can charge

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