"04" Universal Toners for Ricoh available at Q2products.com

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"04" Universal Toners for Ricoh available at Q2products.com

 news 2017-11-28 at 12:29:56 pm Views: 245
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    "04" Universal Toners for Ricoh available at Q2products.com
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    Q2 has introduced "04" Universal toners for the Ricoh MPC2003/2004, MPC3003/3004/3503/3504  and MPC4503/4504/ 6003/6004 series of machines. 

    The toner from Q2 differs from other compatible brands as it is chemical polymerized, Low E Toner, equal to the OEM in composition and performance.  The universal product allows customers to stock few SKU's, and the patent friendly cartridge and packaging are design to protect the toner from improper storage.  

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