Vision Imaging Supplies Wants your Used/Empty Ink Cartridges NOW!

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Vision Imaging Supplies Wants your Used/Empty Ink Cartridges NOW!

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    Vision Imaging Supplies Wants Your Used/Empty Ink Cartridges NOW!
    Vision Imaging Supplies is a leading manufacturer of imaging products, which are distributed in US and Canada through major resellers, dealers, and direct distributors.
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    We believe the key to our success in this competitive industry is our commitment to quality, detailed product development, aggressive pricing, and exceeding our customers’ expectation in service, product quality and customer satisfaction.

    At Vision Imaging Supplies we offer an alternative to throwing away your cartridges; instead we offer money for your cartridges, saving you money and giving you the opportunity to save the environment. We offer customized services for three different types of organizations: the individual, schools, and corporations.

    Contact your representative today and find out more about our recycling programs or
    e-mail us at [email protected].

    Vision Imaging Supplies Inc
    7920 Deering Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304
    Phone: (818) 710-7200

    [email protected]
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