The Big China Toner Rumor Phenomenon, Have You Heard….

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The Big China Toner Rumor Phenomenon, Have You Heard….

 news 2017-12-11 at 12:07:10 pm Views: 437
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    The Big China Toner Rumor Phenomenon, Have You Heard…. 
    China's Ninestar Tries To Patent Someone Else's Patent.  
    We have been trying to confirm a rumor coming out China's Ninestar , China's Clone toner Industry Trade Publication, RTMworld again called us out on it and called it the famous Trump Quote "Fake News" lol, maybe they don't understand the word "Rumor"? or maybe they are trying to piggy-tail the story so that their own boring publication gets some exposure from our Rumor Story?.  
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    The "Rumor" Phenomenon, Have You Heard!.  
    Something odd is going on with Rumor's in our society, we first noticed that earlier this year when we posted at simple article with the word "Rumor" in the tittle, next thing you know we got 100+ emails within a couple of hrs asking us what the rumor was?, we where taken back and surprise by this ourselves, we had no ideal that everyone loved rumors?, Rumors Seam more Important than real industry news these days?, now this past month we posted 108 regular news articles and 2 rumor articles, the 106 regular news articles barely brook 250 views each (Avg), now the 2 rumor articles on the other hand have allot of hits, well over 550+ views each and are still growing, its seams that everyone love gossip and rumors, they cannot get enough of it?! on both of our rumor articles we also stated in big red letters that the rumor/story is (Still Unconfirmed: We Are Still Trying To Confirm This Story  And That Its A "Rumor")  so maybe Rtmworld and Ninestar need to look up the definition of the word "Rumor"?.
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    The Tonernews News Sources.  
    Over the past 15 years of providing news to the industry, we have met a lot of concerned players over the state of their business and of the industry, "The China cloned toner industry issue" is very big right now for everyone in the consumables business, we get daily press releases, emails and calls with insights, gossip, facts, rumor's, etc etc, from all around the world, we spend a lot of time verifying these stories, some are not even stories, nevertheless this shows that people love to express themselves, they want to have a voice and they want to be able to express their views and opinions openly and thats what we try to put together carefully at, sometimes we do make mistakes, but contrary to popular belief we are not hiding from anyone or anything! We are as transparent as can be for being a news organization, is easy to communicate with, you can call us or email us at anytime, we'd like to meet you!. [email protected] / 954-929-9590 ph.  
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    China's Ninestar Tries To Patent Someone Else's Patent.  
    All the while China's Ninestar & Rtmworld are having a hissy fit, this was quietly going on in the background…, last week we were contacted by one of our sources informing us that Ninestar was trying to patent Korea's TNcores Chip reset Technology in Europe, this patent doesn't even belong to them,  they where then called out on it in Europe and this was Ninestar's replied….  
    After checking up the promotional material, it is found that the countries of the approved patents and registered trademarks are mixed together. For this inaccurate description, it has been corrected and we will update it soon. We are so sorry that the inaccurate description makes you confused.The related patents applications can search via different countries official patent website; Also, the trademark application can search via each countries official website. 
    So while you are all sitting on your asses in front of your computer, hopefully Laughlin at most of this nonsence, China's Apex Ninestar is carefully trying to figure out ways to cover this chip angle technology to their own advantage in our industry and in many places around the world, but with around it's obviously not working for them as planned.

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