Who Is Netherland's Internet Of Printing BV.?

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Who Is Netherland's Internet Of Printing BV.?

 news 2017-12-12 at 11:24:50 am Views: 291
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    Who Is Netherland's Internet Of Printing BV.?
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    Zeewolde, The Netherlands, 6th December 2017, Internet of Printing BV (IOP) is a new company based inThe Netherlands, and set up to serve the Printer Supplies Reseller Community in EMEA (Europe, Middle East& Africa). The company is founded by Mark Dawson & Oded Yakobowitz each of whom have a wealth ofexperience working with Supplies Resellers in these territories.

    “Many such Resellers face challenges brought on by the maturity of the market and the changing purchasinghabits of enterprise users. Price compression of traditional 2D printer supplies shows no sign of reversingand is contributing to falling top and bottom line performances in many businesses.”

    IOP’s stated mission is to help these Resellers find new revenue streams and execute strategies which driveup their gross margins. IOP has several programmes available to achieve this.

    One is 3D Printers & Supplies. This programme is sharply focussed on the Education vertical. It offers anexciting product line extension opportunity, particularly for those Resellers that can count schools, collegesand universities among their customers today.

    A range of state-of-the-art desk top 3D Printers is available. The devices are positioned as learning tools. Demand is driven by a sharp government focus on STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering &Mathematics).

    “STEM-related job opportunities are growing faster than any other type. However, a serious global shortageof qualified knowledge workers is predicted. Countries are striving to keep up with the current and projecteddemand for STEM professionals. Economies must become more competitive in all STEM related disciplines.

    Building a well-rounded primary and secondary school STEM curriculum is the best way to achieve this. Governments now know it and are releasing funds to support such initiatives.”

    “3D printers are revolutionising manufacturing and it is vital that we start teaching the theory and practicein schools. IOP plays its part by developing and spreading effective methods to help young students (andteachers) learn the basics and the potential of 3D Printing, which is the future of Manufacturing. Today’sstudents are tomorrow’s leaders.”

    Hardware, Software, Supplies, Service and Training are all available from IOP, for Resellers that would like to exploit this opportunity. 

    Please go to http://www.iopbv.com or contact [email protected] for more information.
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