Climate Neutral Toner: Kyocera Saves Planet From 96,000 Tons Of Carbon

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Climate Neutral Toner: Kyocera Saves Planet From 96,000 Tons Of Carbon

 news 2017-12-19 at 10:06:04 am Views: 243
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    Climate-Neutral Toner: Kyocera Saves Over 96,000 Tons Of Carbon Dioxide.
    Kyocera Document Solutions' "PRINT-GREEN" program not only compensated for 96,000 tonnes of CO2, but also installed 44,000 efficient home-cooking appliances in the Siaya area, improving the lives of more than 200,000 people.

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    Since 2013, Kyocera has been supporting the climate protection organization myclimate in the Siaya area of ​​Kenya. By offsetting its toner sold in Germany, the company together with its customers saved more than 96,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

    Approximately one gram of CO2 is produced per A4 printed page. As a result, many companies have enormous potential in their printing and copying processes to improve their own carbon footprint and to relieve the burden on the environment. This is where Kyocera Document Solutions' "PRINT-GREEN" program comes in: For nearly five years now, the Japanese document management provider has been offering its toner in a carbon-neutral manner through the program. For example, the manufacturer compensates for all CO2 emissions resulting from raw material extraction, production, transport, packaging and recycling of the toner.

    The compensation will be provided by an investment in a gold standard project of the climate protection organization myclimate in Kenya. The project has already installed 44,000 efficient home kitchens in the Siaya area. According to Kyocera, more than 96,000 tons of CO2 can be compensated for – this corresponds to the volume of just under 20,000 Olympic 50-meter swimming pools or the CO2 emissions of 100 aircraft on the Frankfurt-Sydney route. In addition, more than 200,000 people were reached via the climate protection project and 165 permanent jobs were created.

    "Many people in the region live in absolute poverty, so the new jobs are worth gold," says Daniela Matysiak, specialist CSR management. "The fact that our commitment and climate-neutral toner help us to improve people's living conditions in the long term is not only pleasing to us as a company, but also to our customers and specialist retail partners."

    For example, Kyocera customers can obtain a certificate from myclimate free of charge for the amount of CO2 they have offset. Further information about the program can be found at ;


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