The Majority Shareholder Of Pelikan Has Pushed Minority Shareholders

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The Majority Shareholder Of Pelikan Has Pushed Minority Shareholders

 news 2017-12-19 at 10:35:02 am Views: 304
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    The Majority Shareholder Of Pelikan Has Pushed-Out All Minority Shareholders.
    Squeezd-Out: Pelikan Int. Berhad Becomes the sole owner of Pelikan AG. On 15/12/2017 Suppliers.Pelikan International Corp.  Berhad is pushing minority shareholders out of Pelikan AG and has taken over all shares.

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    All shares in Pelikan AG are in the hands of the majority shareholder, Pelikan International Corporation Berhad, following the entry of the squeeze-out resolution in the commercial register.

    This decision was passed at the Annual General Meeting of Pelikan AG in early October. At the beginning of December, the transfer resolution was entered in the commercial register, so that all shares of the minority shareholders were transferred to the main shareholder by law. Pelikan International Corporation Berhad has paid a cash settlement of EUR 1.11 per no-par-value bearer share. The stock exchange listing of the shares of Pelikan AG was discontinued.

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