The Man Who Sold-Off Europe's Toner Ind. To Chinese Counterfeiters

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The Man Who Sold-Off Europe's Toner Ind. To Chinese Counterfeiters

 news 2018-01-05 at 12:02:22 pm Views: 461
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    The Man Who Sold-Off Europe's Toner Industry To Chinese Counterfeiters. 
    David Connett Editor Of Has Sold-Out Europe's Honest Toner Remanufactures To The Chinese Counterfeit Toner Cloner Industry. 
    By [email protected].

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    Its No secret anymore of how big china's clone toner industry is in Europe, China's cloned toner industry backed by the Chinese Communist Party Government has become a powerful player in Europe, who would of guessed this 5 years ago? who would of guessed that 90% of the toner sold in Russia alone are now Chinese Cloned toners?, you don't have to look very far to see who promoted them and helped them all along the way, in fact if you go to (Becareful of Chinese Spyware) Website you will see all the Chinese players there promoting their fake products, in fact their are no more honest remanufactures promoting toner goods anymore on Therecycler. com Website, who would of guessed this 5 years ago?. 
    Attention all OEMs', please start suing all these Chinese players that you see on TheRecycler. com soon, before your own OEMs toner business vanishes for good to China's counterfeit clone toner industry with the help of David Connett Editor Of TheRecycler. com.

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