China's RTMworld Posses As Fake Lexmark Employee.

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China's RTMworld Posses As Fake Lexmark Employee.

 news 2018-01-09 at 11:45:38 am Views: 283
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    China's RTMworld Posses As Fake Lexmark Employee. 
    Jimi, Of course John isn't my real name, nor do I work at Lexmark. 
    By [email protected] 

    Image result for david gibbons rtmwrld 
    Last Week we were contacted by a single person representing them self as a Lexmark Employee by the name of john Coultier (email [email protected]), requesting a copy of the letter that we received from our EU sources about Mitsubishi stopping  it's production of Pulverized toner, we then asked for credentials and they promptly replied saying that the are with Lexmark Corp, so we forwarded the letter from Mitsubishi. 
    Two days later China's RTMworld posted the news on their website?  (Not A Live Link, https: // www. Beware of Spyware) at Tonernews we don't mind sharing news with almost anyone after all that's what we do, however why would RTMworld posse them self as a Lexmark employee?, maybe Lexmark Corp. needs to give RTMworld a call and find out why they misrepresented themselves?.

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