New Toner Cleaning System Can Clean Hundreds Of Cartridges Per Hour

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New Toner Cleaning System Can Clean Hundreds Of Cartridges Per Hour

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    New Toner Cleaning System
    Can Clean Hundreds Of Toner Cartridges Per Hour.

    Futor Toner Cartridge Cleaning System Opens New U.S Florida Location.

    Contact  [email protected] To Learn More About The Futor TurboClean™ Machine.

    The Swiss manufacturer of toner cartridge cleaning systems, Futor Cleaning System AG, has expanded their operations to include a location in the United States.  The Sarasota, FL, office will serve U.S. companies interested in starting or expanding their laser cartridge recycling business with a Swiss-made machine that will reduce your product cost and improve quality at the same time! 

    Futor Cleaning System AG, manufacturer of automatic toner cartridges cleaning machines, has solved the complex problem of accommodating virtually all types and sizes of cartridges and parts by developing a unique and individually adjustable cleaning system – The TurboCleanTM 2000. The TurboClean machines, automated system combines high speed cleaning, quality and a rapid return on invest (ROI) with an economical and innovative design. The TurboCleanTM machines significantly increases the quality of the work environment by reducing the toner dust emission (-99%) and the noise level (-40%) when compared to traditional cleaning methods.

    How Many Toners Can Your Machines Clean In 1 hr?
    The TurboCleanTM 2000, high speed toner cartridges cleaning machine, is built modularly, enabling easy and individual adaption to various sizes cartridge housings and parts. It increases capacity by simply adding complete air moving modules or a manual assembly/disassembly work station at the end/begin of the toner cartridges cleaning system for optimum cycle time efficiency.

    The capacity of the TurboClean 1350/1500/1800 from 125-400 cartridges/hour.
    The capacity of the TurboClean 2000 2 modules 250-650 cartridges/hour.
    The capacity of the TurboClean 2000 3 modules 350-950 cartridges/hour

    What Makes Your Machine Better Then Your Competitors?
    The TurboClean machines make it possible to place the employees dismantling the cartridges directly on the loading area of the machine by adding disassembly work stations for optimum cycle time efficiency while minimizing noise impacts and issuance of toner dust that could endanger the health of workers.

    The modular design makes it easy to accommodate any capacity requirement depending on the number of modules. The TurboCleanTM 2000, automatic toner cartridges cleaning machine, can process thousands of cartridges per hour. The combination of blow out units, ionization system, adjustable air nozzles and an industrial dust extraction unit guarantee the highest degree of cleanliness. The complete toner cartridges cleaning system can be customized in its configuration to meet individual customer requirements.

    Futor Cleaning System is known for a superior TurboClean™ series of cartridge cleaning systems which automates the cleaning with a dust-free process combined with 40% less noise emission.  Customers across Europe, Africa, Asia and the U.S.A. find the patented design creates more effective cartridge cleaning, lower production costs, and a healthier clean-air environment. 

    The TurboClean™ product line offers a complete range of cleaning systems, suitable for all remanufacturers, large and small.  Regardless of the volume, there is a TurboClean™ product to meet your needs.  Details of the TurboClean™ 1350, 1500, 1800, 2000, 250K, and 300M are available at, including an informative video demonstrating the revolutionary TurboClean™ technology.  See for yourself how this technology can improve your efficiency and keep your business on the cutting-edge.
    Image result for futor toner cleaning

    Futor’s machines deliver unprecedented price-to-value and a very fast Return-On-Investment.  Flexible features control vibration and adjust pressure making the system effective for virtually all cartridges.  Within the U.S., contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the Futor TurboClean™ machine.