China Toner Counterfeiter Ninestar Is Being Counterfeited In Argentina

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China Toner Counterfeiter Ninestar Is Being Counterfeited In Argentina

 news 2018-02-13 at 12:15:56 pm Views: 386
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    Lol: China Toner Counterfeiter Ninestar Is Being Counterfeited In Argentina. 
    What Comes Around Goes Around, China Toner Cloner Ninestar Is Not Happy About Being Counterfeited In Argentina. 
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    The Chinese Toner Cloner Ninestar has announced that unauthorised distributors in Argentina are selling G&G products.

    Ninestar Image Tech Limited (“Ninestar”) is a company that specialises in providing professional printing solutions for global users. It focuses on global sales of G&G brand toner cartridges, ink cartridges and ribbons.

    The company has revealed this week that a recent market discovery demonstrated that there are G&G products which are not provided by Ninestar currently being sold in Argentina.

    Regarding the unwelcome find, Ninestar stated,“In order to avoid misunderstanding and protect the interests of consumers, we hereby solemnly state as follows:

    For now, Ninestar has no authorized distributors or agents selling G&G brand products in Argentina. No G&G brand products are provided to any local distributors or agents in Argentina by Ninestar.

    Products purchased from unauthorised sources cannot be guaranteed to be genuine.
    ( PS: They never were genuine!!!)
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