EU.Toner Remanufacturer WTA Donates To Help Children At Youth Hospice.

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EU.Toner Remanufacturer WTA Donates To Help Children At Youth Hospice.

 news 2018-02-13 at 12:40:51 pm Views: 159
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    European Toner Remanufacturer
     WTA Donates To Help Children At Youth Hospice.

    The manufacturer of compatible imaging supplies wta Carsten Weser, based in Suhl, Thuringia, has again waived Christmas gifts for its customers last year and instead donated € 6,000 to the Children and Youth Hospice of Central Germany.
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    "For me as an entrepreneur, but also as a family man, this makes more sense and I think that our customers see it that way. Perhaps one or the other will be infected by our commitment in 2018, "explains wta Managing Director Carsten Weser at the donation ceremony. Since 2012, the company has donated more than € 32,500 to the children and youth hospice Central Germany. Carsten Weser was admitted four years ago to the "Freundeskreis Kinderhospiz" – a group of people from politics, business and culture who have made it their mission to support the children and youth hospice in the long term.

    As early as 2016, wta Carsten Weser was officially honored with the Beneficus Award for her social commitment. "We're reactivating about 500,000 toner cartridges and over 550,000 ink cartridges a year, and demand is increasing. So we want to give back some of our entrepreneurial success to society and how could that be better than helping families with terminally ill children, "emphasizes company owner Weser.

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