Consumers Want US-Wide Class Action Lawsuit Vs. Hp Ink Cartridge…

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Consumers Want US-Wide Class Action Lawsuit Vs. Hp Ink Cartridge…

 news 2018-02-20 at 2:37:03 pm Views: 243
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    Consumers Want US-Wide Class Action Lawsuit Vs. Hp Ink Cartridge Firmware.
    By Jimmy Hoover

    Law360 (February 9, 2018, 8:03 PM EST) — Customers who received phony error messages after trying to install third-party ink cartridges in Hewlett Packard Co. printers have asked a California federal court to certify a nationwide class action against the company for federal computer fraud and common law trespass.

    HP made headlines in September 2016 after thousands of customers who had installed off-brand ink cartridges in various HP printer models received messages that the cartridges were “damaged or missing,” the result of a firmware update intended to force people to buy HP-branded ink….
    To view the full article, register now. result for Class Action Lawsuit Vs. Hp Ink  Firmware.