Man In Wheelchair Breaks Into Office & Makes Off With Printer (Video)

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Man In Wheelchair Breaks Into Office & Makes Off With Printer (Video)

 news 2018-02-22 at 11:50:43 am Views: 197
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    Man In Wheelchair Breaks Into Office & Makes Off With Large Printer (Video).
    FRESNO, Calif. – A man commits theft while in a wheelchair and it was caught on camera. Attorney Joel Winter says he couldn't believe it.

    Click on this link or photo to See the video.
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    "It's the kind of thing that makes you think what on earth? The wheel chair thief," said Winter.

    A man in a wheelchair rolling out with a large printer straight from Winter's law office last Saturday morning. According to the building's surveillance footage, it only took about 13 minutes for the suspect to get up to the eighth floor and get back down with the printer.

    "He had moved these hanging files aside. Moved some other stuff around here," said Winter.

    Winter says he found the door totally unhinged and believes the man in the wheelchair kicked it in.

    "Certainly he has the use of his lower legs to do that. How much strength there is in them, I don't know except for the fact that somehow or other he broke that door and completely shattered it all the way up and down," said Winter.

    Looking closer at the video, you can see the man using his feet to push forward. Winter doesn't know who let the suspect in for the second time. He says the wheelchair thief stole a computer and snacks on another day.

    "Who expected that we'd get hit right one after the other so quickly before we had a chance to really lock things down," said Winter.

    Winter moved in on New Year's day. A month and a half later, cameras are installed on his floor to capture more evidence if the suspect returns.

    "This guy's gotta be stopped," said Winter.
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