The China Clone Toner & Chips Strategy Vs. The Reman Toner Industry.

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The China Clone Toner & Chips Strategy Vs. The Reman Toner Industry.

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    The China Apex Ninestar Toner Chip Strategy, Kill The Competition!.
    The China Clone Toner And Chip Strategy Vs. The Honest Reman Toner Industry. 
    China's Clone Toner Industry Are Using Three Interconnected Strategies‚Äč
    To Make The Quality Gap Between Their Cartridges And The Quality Reman Cartridges Smaller.
    By Anonymous.

    The China Apex Ninestar Toner Chip Strategy 

    Customer Group





    Ninestar subsidiary companies (e.g. SCC)

    Apex bottom price

    Feed as priority.


    Apex’s trading companies (Must obey Ninestar group orders)

    Apex standard price

    Selling with monopoly price. The margin and selling price is controlled by Apex.


    Neutral and companies independent from the Ninestar Group.

    As high as possible

    Make them uncompetitive.


    Independent companies who owns Chip technology

    Cut the supply

    Kill the competition.


    1. They improve the quality of their cartridges.
    - The cartridge manufactures and their component and toner supplier are on a learning curve as well. - They are using well understood imaging systems even in newer engines by designing their plastics accordingly. - Feedback from Non-Chinese Remanufactures who are using Toner and Components – see strategy 3 – and give quality feedback from testing and the field help to improve the quality of these toners and components. They are educating the ones that want to eventually kill them.

    2. They are limiting the money genuine remanufactures
    can pay for quality components by setting high Chip prices.

    The Chip prices are being kept artificially high in order to limit the money remanufacturer can spent on making a quality Bill of Material (BOM). By doing this, they are forcing the genuine remanufacturer to source cheaper components from China – see strategy 3. This help improve their quality – see strategy 1 and helps to lower profitability of quality suppliers toner and components who are losing market share to the cheap China toners and components. 

    3. The cheap and low quality component and toner manufacturers are selling their
    components for use in newly builds at cheap prices to genuine remans all over the world.

    For Chinese Clone component and toner supplier the Non-Chinese markets are great as they can sell their products at a much higher price (e.g. USD 0,55/24mm OPC compared to USD 0,35/24mm in China). But their high prices, are very low compared to quality component and toner manufacturer prices. But because of price pressure and Strategy 2. , the reman fall for this set up and buy the cheap and low quality components. As a consequence, their quality will degrade and they are indirectly subsidizing the Chinese clone industry and are improving their quality by giving feedback from testing and the market.

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     In addition the Chinese have populated the Internet Channel.
    And they are experts in Online retail. They are sitting like a spider and are just waiting for Amazon Business and Alibaba B2B to find their ways into the dealer and service provider as well as corporate end user business.