Canon Sues Every U.S. Co. Affiliated With China's Clone Toner Industry

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Canon Sues Every U.S. Co. Affiliated With China's Clone Toner Industry

 news 2018-02-28 at 4:16:15 pm Views: 7236
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    Bombshell, Exclusively On!.
    Canon Is Suing Everyone Affiliated With
    China's Clone Toner Industry In The U.S.A.

    Effective Today Canon Corp has issued its first round of what appears to be the largest and most impactful legal action since the 2012 twisted projection gear case.

    These lawsuits include Clone/New Build manufacturers, distributors and even dealers. 

    Most notable are Ninestar, Apex, Static Control, Print Rite, Aster Graphics, LD Products  just to name a few. 
    Image result for Canon Corp logo

    Today, February 28, 2018, Canon sued at least 20 manufacturers and suppliers of compatible replacement cartridges for infringement of seven recently-obtained Canon patents. 

    The Accused Products Include Compatible Versions of The Following Canon And HP products:
    HP CE255A/X, CE505A/X, CF226A/X, CF237A/X/Y/YC, CF280A/X, and CF287A/X
    Canon 041/041 H, 119/119 II, 120, 324 II, GPR-40, and GPR-41

    The Accused Parties Include:
    Ninestar Technology Company Limited et al.
    Static Control Components inc.

    Print-Rite N.A.
    Aster Graphics, Inc.

    LD Products Inc.
    Ourway US Inc.

    Frontier Imaging.
    Ereplacements, LLC
    World Class Ink Supply, Inc.
    Bluedog Distribtion Inc.
    GPC Trading Co. Limited.
    Hong Kong Boze Co., Limited.
    9010-8077 Quebec Inc.
    Garvey’s Office Products, Inc.
    Zinyaw LLC.
    Ptrade Inc.
    Ink Technologies Printer Supplies, LLC
    Acecom, Inc.
    EIS Office Solutions, Inc.
    Fairland LLC.

    And Many More To Come ….

    The Asserted Patents Are U.S. Patent
    Nos. 9,746,826, 9,836,021, 9,841,727, 9,841,728, 9,857,765, 9,869,960, and 9,874,846.

    The allegations pertain to the various dongle gear replacement mechanisms that the compatible manufacturers developed in the wake of Canon's previous enforcement action pertaining to dongle gears.  Once the compatible manufacturers released their design arounds, Canon's patent attorneys went to work obtaining new patents targeting those design around "solutions."  The 7 asserted patents were all issued in the last 6 months, but officially date back to 2006.  Canon's latest patents cover movement of the "tip" of the coupling member from one position to the other, a characteristic that Canon claims is present in Canon's tilting OEM dongle as well as the various non-tilting retractable designs currently used by Ninestar, Aster, and the like.  You can find photos of the accused mechanisms in the Ink Technologies and FTrade complaints.  Many (possibly all, I have not yet verified) of the complaints state that a concurrent ITC action was also filed.

    Case reporter services have been sending updates throughout the day, so it's seems likely there may be more lawsuits coming. Image result for Canon Corp logo
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