LMI Solutions Forges MPS Distribution Agreement With NndPrint.

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LMI Solutions Forges MPS Distribution Agreement With NndPrint.

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    LMI Solutions Forges MPS Distribution Agreement With nndPrint.
    US Toner Remanufacturer LMI Solutions Has Entered An Exclusive Arrangement With print Management Firm NndPrint.

    By Joshua Allsopp.

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    The deal will see LMI become the sole North American distributor for nndPrint’s cloud-based managed print services and print management software.

    The portfolio includes data collection, rules-based printing, job accounting, secure mobile print, and complete end-to-end consumables replenishment tools.

    nddPrint manages over 1.3 million devices worldwide and is one of the largest software development companies specialising in implementation management, print outsourcing and fiscal documents.

    “This partnership equips dealers with an entire toolset at the zenith of technological advancement to manage devices, users, and consumables not seen anywhere else in the industry,” commented LMI Solutions Chief Strategy Officer Doug Johnson.

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