The Toner Industry is Still In Shock Over The Canon Lawsuit.

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The Toner Industry is Still In Shock Over The Canon Lawsuit.

 news 2018-03-06 at 1:53:13 pm Views: 1671
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    The Toner Industry is Still In Shock Over The Canon Lawsuit. 
    Time To Forget The Chinese Counterfeit New Built Clone Toners Once And For All! 

    By [email protected].

    Image result for recycled toner was privileged to get the Canon lawsuit story first. This was not the first time that tonernews broke an exclusive story before anyone else. As we grow so does our readership. People and companies are now more than ever involved in making and shaping news and public opinion and that’s what our platform is all about. Canon and HP no doubt read the many articles that we and other media outlets wrote over this past year about the fake counterfeit Chinese clone toner industry that have been plaguing the globe, and have now taken decisive action.
    As all US Companies affiliated with China's clone toner industry regroup, it will be interesting to see how the defendants position themselves vs. Canon. Many of these same companies were sued for dongle gear infringement in 2014. After being sued the first time, the Chinese clone industry came up with so called “IP Clear” alternatives to the Canon and HP dongle gear. Now it’s 2018 and Canon is suing them again. So much for being “IP Clear.”
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    Canon has plenty of reason to go on the offensive, as China was so unabashed in promoting their goods throughout the world this past decade. There was a time when the Chinese were small players, but they got big fast and thought they were invincible. Not anymore. 

    It's simple folks, Canon & HP never authorized any Chinese company to manufacture off-brand toners for them! It’s really that simple! You cannot manufacture copies of someone else’s product without their consent. If the Chinese want to remain in the industry they will have to do the right thing by sourcing out empty cores and remanufacturing toners the right way. If they can’t do that while also following all proper ISO environmental procedures, it's time for them to move on.    
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    Remanufacturing is still the right way of doing toner and there are still many opportunities out there for the industry. Now is the time to support your country and to help it through these politically challenging times. Buy remanufactured toners from US companies. It's time to forget the Chinese counterfeit new built clone toner industry once and for all! Image result for made in USA toner