How Hp Became The Dollar Shave Club Of Inkjet Cartridges….

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How Hp Became The Dollar Shave Club Of Inkjet Cartridges….

 news 2018-03-13 at 11:16:44 am Views: 254
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    How Hp Became The Dollar Shave Club Of Inkjet Cartridges….
    How HP became the Dollar Shave Club: A look at inkjet cartridge sales

    by Joshua Fruhlinger in Facts, Trends.

    Image result for hp instant ink
    My first printer was a noisy, expensive, tough-as-nails Epson MX-80 dot-matrix monstrosity that ate reams of continuous-form paper like it was nothing. It also used a fabric typewriter-style ribbon that could be extended well beyond its expiration date until the final pages of my term papers were faded tests of professorial patience. But it was never an issue: While my printer may have been expensive, replacement ribbon cartridges were simple, one-color affairs that could be had for little more than the cost of dinner.

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