Did Therecycler.com & Action-Intell.com Accidentally Publish Fake News

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Did Therecycler.com & Action-Intell.com Accidentally Publish Fake News

 news 2018-03-13 at 11:58:58 am Views: 357
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    Did Therecycler.com & Action-Intell.com Accidentally Publish Fake News?.
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    Both Therecycler.com & Action-Intell.com have published News titled:
    CET Becomes Exclusive 
    Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
     Toner Distributor” stating that CET presumably has become the exclusive distributor of a copier toner called P9 for use in certain Kyocera™ cartridges.

    After consulting with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation this news turns out to be “Fake News”. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has not signed such agreement with CET since they will move out of the pulverized toner business by March 2019 as previously reported by Tonernews.com. In the future Both Therecycler.com & Action-Intell.com should verify their stories better before informing the industry.
    (Please Correct These Links below The See Therecycler.com & Action-intell.com Postings)

    h ttp s:// www. therecycler.com/ posts/cet-becomes-exclusive-mcc-toner-distributor/
    h ttp ://www. action-intell.com/2018/03/12/cet-group-signs-exclusive-distribution-deal-for-mitsubishis-pk9-toner/

    Image result for fake news?