Ricoh Launches New Inks For VC60000

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Ricoh Launches New Inks For VC60000

 news 2018-03-20 at 11:40:50 am Views: 182
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    Ricoh Launches New Inks For VC60000
    By Sarah Simpkins.
    Image result for Ricoh Launches New Inks For VC60000
    Ricoh is releasing new feature functionality and inks as an additional option for its Pro VC60000 continuous feed high speed inkjet printing platform, saying it has developed new ink technology.

    Ricoh says the direction it is taking with the new ink technology contributes to improving the wide-ranging capabilities of what the company calls an industry-leading production inkjet portfolio.  The company says by using these new inks, clients will immediately see key advantages, being more flexible and cost effective.

    The company claims the printing speed on coated substrates will increase to support higher production volumes, including offset to digital page migration, decreasing time to market for applications and promotions.  

    Eef de Ridder, director, Commercial Printing of the Commercial & Industrial Printing Group, Ricoh says, “Our clients have been successful levering Ricoh’s production inkjet solutions in their businesses.  They have also continued to partner with us in developing new technology that will enhance the solutions they have invested in, and offer them clear growth paths for the future.”

    “The future of Ricoh’s business, and that of our clients, is entwined in a shared opportunity to understand market requirements and the solutions required for business growth.  Ricoh’s new inks are an excellent example of innovation addressing real world business opportunities through improved colour, faster production speeds, and enabling the use of common paper types in the commercial print space.”  

    Ricoh claims the inks are designed to print directly to traditional offset coated substrates, without primers, making the production system is more flexible and economical, while at the same time being less complicated.  

    The company also says that by enabling the latest in pigment ink innovations, clients can continue to expect excellent durability, water fastness, and print head reliability, similar to Ricoh’s current inks. The inks are said to have an improved colour gamut will increase the different types of applications that can be supported due to more vivid colours and a richer black.,ricoh-launches-new-inks-for-vc60000.aspx

    Image result for Ricoh Launches New Inks For VC60000