The Only IP Safe Dongle Gear Are Reman Toners With Oem Dongle Gears!

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The Only IP Safe Dongle Gear Are Reman Toners With Oem Dongle Gears!

 news 2018-03-27 at 11:47:39 am Views: 326
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    The Only IP Safe Dongle Gear Are Reman Toners With Oem Dongle Gears!
    By Luke Goldberg, EVP Global Sales and Marketing Clover Imaging Group.
    Image result for canon toner dongle gearThe bottom line is this – between the patents asserted in 2014 and the patents being asserted now Canon has patented all the viable technical solutions for replacing the OEM gear and dongle.  Everyone knows from the first Canon litigation that an OEM-style aftermarket gear that uses a tilting dongle is an infringement – that option is completely off the table.  Canon’s new patents are broader than the earlier patents because they do not require a tilting dongle.  Instead of requiring tilting, Canon’s newest patents cover movement of the tip of the dongle toward and away from the OPC drum – a characteristic found in every available aftermarket dongle replacement.  These new patents were no accident.  Canon waited until the aftermarket suppliers came up with their “IP safe” dongle gear replacements in response to the 2014 litigation, and then filed new patent claims specifically targeting those designs.

    With the tilting dongle and the existing aftermarket dongle options all off the table, making a cartridge that goes smoothly in and out of the printer becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, and even if someone does figure it out, there’s nothing stopping Canon from obtaining new patents covering that design as well.

    Ultimately it is up to the Federal Courts and the ITC to find infringement, but anyone who reviews the Patent Office records for these new patents will immediately recognize that Canon wrote, argued for, and obtained these patents specifically for the purpose of filing these lawsuits.  It would be foolish to think a company like Canon, spending millions of dollars on patent lawyers and lawsuits, wouldn’t make absolutely sure they got it right.

    As always, our reman cartridges that reuse the OEM gear and dongle are safe from Canon’s patents under the right of repair.
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