Brazilian Oem Printer Market Shows Unexpected Upturn, Up 21%!

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Brazilian Oem Printer Market Shows Unexpected Upturn, Up 21%!

 news 2018-04-17 at 10:48:13 am Views: 238
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    Brazilian Oem Printer Market Shows Unexpected Upturn, Up 21%!
    After at least four years of drops, the Brazilian printer market made a comeback in 2017 with 21% year-on-year growth after 2.18mn devices were sold, consultancy IDC reported.

    Of the total sold, 1.7mn printers were for ink jet models and the remainder were laser printers, increases of 23% and 17%, respectively. In terms of revenue, the sector's sales were up 13% to US$632mn.

    The results came as a surprise to IDC, which expected another double-digit drop in printer sales in 2017. The consultancy attributed the unexpected positive performance to the improvement in the macroeconomic scenario, a rise in consumption and promotions and discounts offered by manufacturers, which coincided with the need of consumers to update and replace their printers.

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