Canon Lawyers Wins IP Case Again, Loser Must Pay Canon $1.8M In……

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Canon Lawyers Wins IP Case Again, Loser Must Pay Canon $1.8M In……

 news 2018-04-17 at 11:26:06 am Views: 496
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    Canon Lawyers Wins IP Case Again,
    Loser Must Now Pay Canon $1.8M In ​Attorneys' Fees

    Fed. Circ. Affirms Canon's Patent Win And $1.8M Attys' Fees
    By Matthew Bultman

    Law360 (April 12, 2018, 7:33 PM EDT) — The Federal Circuit on Wednesday upheld lower court rulings that cleared Canon Inc. of infringing flash memory card reader patents and required the companies that filed the lawsuit to pay nearly $1.8 million in Canon's attorneys' fees.

    The appeals court, in a summary order, affirmed a ruling from Judge Claudia Wilken in the Northern District of California that found Canon printers, digital cameras and other devices did not infringe two patents in a case brought by Technology Properties Ltd. LLC and MCM Portfolio LLC.

    Judge Wilken…
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