Carolina Wholesale Group Acquires Gilpez Office Products.

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Carolina Wholesale Group Acquires Gilpez Office Products.

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    Carolina Wholesale Group acquires Gilpez Office Products
    by IA Staff

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    Charlotte, NC, May 7, 2018 – Carolina Wholesale Group announced today that it has partnered with Gilpez Office Products in transitioning their day-to-day business operations to Arlington Industries due to their retirement. The addition of Gilpez Office Products further compliments Arlington Industries’ position as the nation’s preferred distributor of office products, imaging equipment, and imaging supplies.

    “We have been trade partners with the Perez family for decades, have respected their business, and wish their family the best in the future,” states Larry Huneycutt, President/Owner of Carolina Wholesale Group. “We welcome their loyal dealers into our family and our team looks forward to enhancing their product selection and sales solutions in the coming months.”

    Gilpez Office Products, located in Vista, Califormia, was owned and operated by Gil & Esther Perez, and their daughter Marielena Perez-Erickson. For more than 40 years, they were a family owned company that prided itself on providing the best personal service possible to office machine dealers and office supply stores. Gilpez Office Products did not sell to end users or club and were in business solely to serve dealers! Arlington Industries is also privately-owned business that has been serving dealers for the past 45 years and has maintained a close relationship with the Perez family and business for many decades.

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