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 news 2018-05-16 at 8:56:22 pm Views: 247
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    . Says Y.O.L.O. To​
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    Charles Brewer editor of can't help himself from nabbing articles from and rewriting them. A lot of Charlie's news articles are rewritten articles from, you would think that such a smart guy would find his own format and news style?, but it seems that copying is now a full time job for We have reached out to old Charlie and have asked him nicely to stop doing this, but he's so preoccupied with the past that he cannot stop himself from giving his long over extended opinion on already written article posted on, why do that we ask?
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    The Copy-Cats!. 
    there are many news industry organizations that rely and copy the format, anyone thats been in the industry a long time knows who they are, what's the point of rewritting our news? U.K.'s and China's are well known for nabbing a fair amount of our news articles too, heck their whole news existence is thank's to!. 
    The Originals!,,,, these are well made industry publication with original content that create great interesting news, they don't copy anyone and they know what they are doing, their news is relevant, well made and caters to the industry in their own formats.

    Be Original Charlie!
    We do expect mean old Charlie to respond to this article with some derogatory comments due to his China connections. We would like to tell everyone ahead of time that we are real and an honest business we have many advertiser that can vouch for us, we can be reached at anytime and our phone and email is below and available to anyone who has questions about news or advertising, we would like to thank all our fans for their continued support and greatly appreciate their efforts in making the go to source for our industry.
    Get Your New Directly From The Source At 

    J.Ladd & H.Milner
    [email protected] / 954-736-9909 phone

    Hollywood, Florida 33019, USA.
    ​ / A.B.S. / Copy Communications Inc.
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