Can Anything Stop China's Clone/Counterfeit Toner Industry?

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Can Anything Stop China's Clone/Counterfeit Toner Industry?

 news 2018-06-12 at 12:01:38 pm Views: 1064
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    Can Anything Stop China's Clone/Counterfeit Toner Industry? 
    By [email protected].

    There has been a lot of Chatter recently by our Chinese counterpart at RTMworld about the legality and legitimacy of the toner industry coming from China and the rest of the world. Of course The usual players with their own views and positions have not really changed much over these past few years therefor if you sell Clone toners, than your obviously going to defend that industry and if your are a remanufacture or an OEMs your going to claim your Unequivocal stake in the industry as well. One thing that has suprised us at is that China's Toner industry has really not backed down from Clone/Counterfeit production since the famous OEM Canon Toner lawsuit (link) from two months ago?, in fact China has upped their game and have expanded wherever they can. 
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    China is full Steam Ahead in Clone/Counterfeit Toner Products. 
    In recent news 
    (See Articles Below) China's toner cloners industry thank's to their EU affiliate (Therecycler) have expanded on all front, Mito has double color toner production, Aster Graphics has opened a wholesale/retail warehouse in the UK were they blatantly say that they will sell directly to end-users and bypass wholesalers and Europe's Toner Association ETIRA has Named David "The Sellout" Connett as their new CEO. This appointment of David Connett as CEO of Etira is really alarming for the OEM and Reman Toner Industry, in fact this probably coincides with why Aster graphics has just opened a wholesale/retail warehouse right next door to Therecyler in the UK. The appointment of David Connett To Etira basically gives the "Keys To The Ferrari" to China's clone toner industry in Europe, so much for ETIRA being about recycling and remanufacturing, guess those days are over and done with!. And not to be outdone China's prolific Apex/Ninestar that is owned by the Chinese Communist Government is already pitching work around Toner Chip and Manufacturing solutions for Hp Toners(link), 2 months after Canon's famous monumental toner lawsuit Vs. their Fake bogus industry (link).   

    Why Have Many OEMs' Not Sued China's Clone Toner Industry? 
    “Why Have Many OEMs' Not Sued China's Clone Toner Industry"?, This is mind boggling to us, we see everyday clone and counterfeit toner production of such famous OEMs brands as, XEROX, SHARP, KYOCERA-MITA,KONICA-MINOLTA, RICOH, BROTHER and so on, it's basically like these OEMs' are either clueless or they really don't care about what China has done to their toner consumables?. These OEM's days in business are numbered if they dont wake up, there's really no need for them to sell printers or copiers anymore if China's going to Clone/Counterfeit their printer consumables a months after a new Print product is release.
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    Lawsuits And The Cost Of Doing Business With The West. 
    China's Clone/Counterfeit toner industry has many allies in the West, they carefully distribute their products and their cash around the world, it's all strategically coordinated by the Chinese Government and YES they even put money asides for lawsuits. They know that what they are doing is wrong but as long as they are unopposed and uncontested its business as usual. What's a few lawsuits compare to the hundreds of Million's of Dollars they are raking-in every quarter?
    (link), its all part of doing business with the West.  
    Image result for China's Fake Clone/Counterfeit Toner industry.

    A Local Solution Vs. China's Fake Clone/Counterfeit Toner industry. 
    It's time everyone in the West and around the world to get involved and expose this fake counterfeit industry for what it is, if you are a toner remanufacture or recycler or an OEM wholesaler or distributor contact your local Police or municipalities and a file a formal complaint for
    UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES AND WITH SUSPICION OF COUNTERFEITING with your local agencies Vs. any of these companies you see on this photo below, it's really that simple since they are all complicit in Selling Clone/Counterfeit Toners throughout the world, plus there are many others not on this photo that are backed and sponsored by the Chinese Government as well.

    So-Long Wholesalers, China's Aster Graphics Unveils Uk Clone Toner Warehouse.
    The company has announced the opening of its UK warehouse, which it explains will give British customers the chance to purchase cartridges directly from the manufacturer. According to Aster, the 1,000sqm warehouse will have an initial stock of 50,000 units and will offer free delivery on the first 3 orders placed, as well as on all orders over £100 ($134/€114). The warehouse also promises to provide customers with “quick order processing and dispatching”, as well as a wide range of products and services. These include plain label drop shipment, real time technical support, a bespoke packing service, a full selection of products, and an experienced R&D team.As a branch company of Aster Group, Aster Graphics Inc. is backed by a large printer consumables factory located in Jiangxi, China. Founded in March 2011, located in Xinyu, Jiangxi, China,
    https:  //www.

    ETIRA Nominates New President.
    May 30, 2018 ETIRA The remanufacturing trade association has announced that David Connett has been nominated as the current incumbent Christian Wernhart will step down in June, to be replaced by the former Editor of The Recycler. Connett is expected to be formally elected at ETIRA’s Annual General Meeting in Budapest next month, which corresponds with The Recycler Live, the continent’s premier office imaging conference, which will feature some of the biggest names in the aftermarket coming together to network and share their insight and wisdom.
    https: //w ww. t her

    Mito Expands Capacity By 50%.
    The Chinese company has announced it has increased its colour toner cartridge manufacturing volumes by 50 percent. The increase represents a crucial step for the Zhuhai-based company on its worldwide expansion plan, and long-term strategy to consolidate the market presence of its colour toner cartridges. Mito is now hoping that this consolidation will therefore lead to long-term sustainable business relationships around the globe. “This new capacity increase will be aligned to meet our existing and new customer’s expected demand, ensuring continuity of supply, and will further enhance our ability to meet changing customer needs,” said a company statement. “The expansion will increase overall capacity and improve efficiencies, which will enhance Mito’s product and service with quality products and reliability.” Mito specialises in the manufacture, research, and sales of laser toner cartridges, and aims to offer its customers “the best choices available, with the best value.” It is committed to remanufacturing “the best toner cartridges with uniform quality and stable performance.”
    http  s://www .

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