China's Arnald Ho Of Printrite Brings In Reinforcement To EU. Sales

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China's Arnald Ho Of Printrite Brings In Reinforcement To EU. Sales

 news 2018-06-14 at 12:42:44 pm Views: 293
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    China's Arnold Ho Of Printrite Brings In Reinforcement To EU Sales.
    PRP Solutions (formerly Pelikan Hardcopy) has reorganized its sales and marketing management: Manuel Pereira and Reinder Dijkstra have taken over this area.
    (Google Translated to English)Image result for Manuel Pereira and Reinder Dijkstra

    While Manuel Pereira will serve as European Commercial Manager, Reinder Dijkstra will serve as the new Head of Sales Europe at PRP Solutions. Both are intended to strengthen the positioning of PRP Solutions in the printer accessory market. One meets in the market on reservations to Newbuilt cartridges and want to reduce them. PRP Solutions offers a reliable, IP-safe and cost-effective alternative to OEM cartridges, says Reinder Dijkstra: "The same IP protection applies to our new products as to the remanufactured part of our product range." Print-Rite, the manufacturing partner, has more than just 2700 patents with their own technical solutions, emphasizes the company.

    Print-Rite had taken over the hardcopy business in July 2017 from Pelikan.

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