LD Products Receives Its 12th Bizrate Circle Of Excellence Award.

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LD Products Receives Its 12th Bizrate Circle Of Excellence Award.

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    LD Products Receives Its 12th Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award.
    LONG BEACH, Calif., June 14, 2018 /- LD Products, a leading online provider of printing and office supplies, has received the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award for the twelfth consecutive year.  Conducted by consumer ratings service Bizrate.com, the award recognizes a select group of e-commerce retailers that earned an exceptional customer satisfaction score on the service's post-purchase surveys.  Millions of verified customers and over 6,000 businesses participate in surveys every year, generating vital customer feedback.  Bizrate determines winners by assessing multiple key points of service. Just 123 retailers earned the Circle of Excellence Award for 2017, with LD Products scoring an overall customer satisfaction rating of 9.4 /10.
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    With this twelfth award, the company has demonstrated a constant commitment to their customers.  A dedicated customer service team leads the way, providing extensive product knowledge and printing advice to customers on a daily basis.  Access to a wide selection of reliable products, fast delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee are equally important influencers, ensuring customers are cared for every step of the way.

    "Feedback is so essential and with a ratings service like Bizrate, we gain an added level of insight," says CEO Aaron Leon, "We've always made a point to put our customers first.  Ratings and reviews serve as a constant motivator for our team as we continue to deliver the best possible printing experience for our customers."

    LD Products ranked highly in all areas of the survey, receiving the following scores:

    LD Products 2017 Bizrate Scores
    Product selection: 9.4 /10
    Ease of search: 9.3/10
    Check-out: 9.5/10
    Product met expectations: 9.4/10
    Customer support: 9.4/10
    On-Time Delivery: 9.7/10
    About LD Products

    Since 1999, LD Products has enjoyed great success as a high quality and cost-effective alternative to printer brand consumables. The company also boasts a large selection of office supplies, offering discount prices on the most trusted names in the industry.

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