UniNet Now In Distribution Agreement With Clover Imaging.

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UniNet Now In Distribution Agreement With Clover Imaging.

 news 2018-06-28 at 12:29:12 pm Views: 246
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    UniNet Now In Distribution
    Agreement With Clover Imaging.

     Los Angeles, CA — UniNet proudly announces an agreement with Clover Imaging Group to expand UniNet’s product offerings to include DENSI toner and developer formulations.
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    Nestor Saporiti-CEO of UniNet welcomes the addition of DENSI products, and expressed his admiration for the DENSI legacy, “I am most honored to work with the Clover team to be to supply DENSI’s most popular copier toner and developer formulations to the Latin American Market.” 

    Clover Director of International Sales, Manny Matamoros explains, we are working with UniNet Imaging, a California, USA based company to handle your DENSI Brand copier toner needs.

    UniNet is a long standing, well respected provider of imaging supplies with deep roots in the Latin American market and we are confident that they will provide you with a seamless transition and a continued high level of customer support and satisfaction. 

    UniNet General Manager, Joe Rivers also added, “The customers are the real winners here; they will continue receiving DENSI quality products and technical support, along with access to UniNet’ superior toner brands including Absolute Black®, Absolute Color® Toners, ASiC Smartchips ® and UniNet MPS Technology.”

    Sales Contact: Irene Camberos
    + 1 (424) 675-3300 Ext. 1112
    [email protected]

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