Kyocera To Expand Printer Output In Vietnam By 200,000 Units

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Kyocera To Expand Printer Output In Vietnam By 200,000 Units

 news 2018-07-05 at 11:39:07 am Views: 300
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    Kyocera To Expand Printer Output In Vietnam By 200,000 Units​.
    Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
     will boost printer production in Vietnam by 25 percent in the current business year to cater to growing demand mainly from Europeand other Southeast Asian countries.
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    Kyocera Document will increase annual output at a plant in the northern Vietnam port city of Hai Phong from the current 800,000 units to 1 million units in the year through March 2019, a spokesman said in a telephone interview with NNA.

    Kyocera Document Technology Vietnam Co., its local manufacturing unit located in the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park in Hai Phong, will "further continue to boost output capacity" even after the planned expansion thanks to a potential surge in demand in global markets.

    In Vietnam, Kyocera Document, an Osaka-based member firm of the widely diversified Kyocera Corp. group, mainly assembles low-speed printers, including multifunction models, with price tags of around 250,000 yen ($2,264) each, according to the spokesman.

    As part of its expansion project, Kyocera Document's Vietnamese arm will begin construction of facilities for parts production, toner filing and logistics this month in a bid to start boosting output one year later, the spokesman added.

    The Vietnamese manufacturing unit is Kyocera Document's second overseas production base after one in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. It has shipped its products to Europethe United States and other Southeast Asian countries since 2012.

    The Vietnamese unit with a workforce of over 4,300 employees has dispatched some 30 Vietnamese trainees to a research and development center in Japan since 2014.

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