France's Armor Launches "WECARE" Ink Cartridge Brand.

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France's Armor Launches "WECARE" Ink Cartridge Brand.

 news 2018-07-17 at 11:37:08 am Views: 330
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    France's Armor Launches "WECARE" Ink Cartridge Brand.
    For over 25 years the cartridges of WECARE are sold in Dutch and Belgium stores. Now this brand will also be introduced outside these countries. The introduction comes with a new packaging which is now introduced in the Netherlands.
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    In 1993 we started with filling cartridges. This became WECARE4, a leading company for computer supplies. In 2010 Armor took over collection and the product group printer consumables. WECARE became the property of the market leader in the field of alternative ink & toner cartridges. 

    Time for change
    With the expertise of Armor WECARE grew to an important brand with much loyal customers. When some time ago Armor decided to introduce an international brand, they choose WECARE. Time for change. So that’s the reason for the slogan “Time for change”. Therefor the packaging had to change. Key points as quality, guarantee and sustainability had to be reflected. But also values behind the brand like customer focus, professionalism and progressiveness were important. Together these things determined the blue/purple color and design.

    Connected by armor
    The logo of WECARE has been updated and got a fresh and modern look. Also there has been added a message: “ armor”. With the new WECARE Armor will connect even more with our current and new customers.

    New label on packaging.
    For the Dutch brand there is another important change: a label on the box. On all boxes there will be a label with information like content, ISO yield, energy label and barcode. Besides flexible information, a shorter time-to-market and a lower ecological footprint are big advantages.

    QR code
    On every label there is a QR-code. Scanning this code you will give extra information about the cartridge like compatibility, FAQ and technical support. The QR-code will connect you with the specific product pages on the renewed Dutch WECARE website. Soon other languages will be added to the website and a special WECARE app will be launched.

    Now in stores
    From today the new WECARE inkjet packaging will be in the Dutch stores.
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