Rumor Has It That Lexmark In Hong Kong Is To Report A $382M Loss?.

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Rumor Has It That Lexmark In Hong Kong Is To Report A $382M Loss?.

 news 2018-07-17 at 11:53:41 am Views: 1171
  • #50424

    Rumor Has It That Lexmark In Hong Kong
    Is To Report A HK Loss?. ($382,220,000.00 USD).

    Image result for lexmark ninestar China

    The Saga Continues, THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR but we have it from credible sources that Lexmark in Hong-kong  is to report a HK Loss ($382Mln)?. This would be another serious blow to the Ninestar Empire if the rumor is true?. Oddly according to a new article from China dated May 2nd 2018, Ninestar just posted a 400,000 Yuan Profit?(LINK) and with last's weeks news Of 1Bln Yuans Quietly Disappearing off the accounting Books(LINK)all this shows that something is obviously off?!. 

    Furthermore we are also hearing that no international freight Insurance brokers that cover cargo transactions in the orient want to sell insurance to cover any deals with S.C.C. in Hong-Kong due to this huge allegedly reported loss by Lexmark, the word on the street in Asia is "Deal with S.C.C. at your own risk". Usually this kind of information is not disclose by sources but for the Hong Kong Government to take this kind of action and warn freight and cargo insurance companies about it shows that there must obviously be a big loss or some kind of discrepancy on the books?.

    Whether all this is true or just a rumor it takes a lot of courage to admit it when things aren’t working right so If these rumors are true we implore China's Ninestar and USA's Lexmark to tell the truth to their shareholders around the world, the sooner the better! 

    “To Prosper Over Time, Every Company Must Not Only Deliver Financial performance, But Also Show How It Makes A positive Contribution To Society”
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