Bankrupt German Ink Manufacturer OCP Now Insolvent.

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Bankrupt German Ink Manufacturer OCP Now Insolvent.

 news 2018-07-19 at 12:01:38 pm Views: 483
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    Bankrupt German Ink Manufacturer OCP Now Insolvent
    OCP GmbH, based in Bochum, Germany, as one of the most traditional companies in the ink industry, has already filed for bankruptcy on 9 July at the District Court of Bochum.
    (Google Translated)

    According to the official announcement, the bankruptcy proceedings have been ordered on 9 July by OCP GmbH, represented by the managing directors Werner Rüegger and Michael Pohlschmidt. Attorney Hassan Ben Djemia was appointed to the provisional insolvency administrator in Herne. Since 2016, OCP has taken extensive restructuring measures to get the company back on track.


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