GSC Imaging, LLC,Your U.S. Based Ink Developer & Manufacturing Partner

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GSC Imaging, LLC,Your U.S. Based Ink Developer & Manufacturing Partner

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    GSC Imaging, LLC – Your U.S. Based Ink Developer & Manufacturing Partner.GSC Imaging, LLC is a DEVELOPER and TOLL MANUFACTURER of High Performance Digital Inkjet Inks.
    We are located in La Vergne, Tennessee USA.  We focus on the development, manufacturing, and sales of various compatible water based inks which includes…  Desktop ink for HP, Canon, Epson, & Brother printer cartridges, Wide Format ink for HP, Canon, & Epson printer cartridges, ink for the address & postal market, ink for industrial applications, and dye sublimation transfer ink for textile applications and promotional products. 

    Our bulk inks are sold worldwide to large ink cartridge remanufacturers, compatible cartridge manufacturers, various independent ink cartridge refillers, refill kit makers, makers of continuous ink systems, garment & promotional products manufacturers.

    Our area of expertise is within the spectrum of water based inks, please let us know if there are any custom ink development or toll manufacturing projects we could help you with.

    For further information and to request your free samples please contact Bill Gallagher at: 
    Mobile: 856-745-2398/ Email: [email protected] / Skype: billatgsc

    GSC Imaging, LLC
    50 Buchanan St. / LaVergne, TN 37086 / Ph:  856-745-2398
    Be sure to visit our new website at