Why The OEM's And Everyone Need To Test China's Contaminated Toners.

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Why The OEM's And Everyone Need To Test China's Contaminated Toners.

 news 2018-07-24 at 10:18:17 am Views: 1763
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    Why The OEM's And Everyone In The Industry
    Need To Test Chinese Toners For Contamination.

    last month we posted an article about the Chinese Government dumping toxic chemicals into the manufacturing process for their clone toners. This story seems to have struck a nerve in a lot of people and businesses. here below is more information from an anonymous person in Europe point of view. In any case we do implore everyone that stock these Chinese Clone Toners to have them tested in their countries and to forward us the reports so we can inform the industry.
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    A huge number of those contaminated cartridges, after being used, end up with the OEM. Simply because all toner cartridge suppliers are legally bound to accept the return of those empty used cartridges. But often the end user, for convenient reasons, simply returns it to HP. (It’s an “HP-Printer”, so it goes back to HP) Unlike empties broker, which need to (at least should!) select and sort out none OEM cartridges, the OEM’s program doesn’t consider the reuse of those cartridges. Instead they either recycle by destroying (at least that’s what most of them pretend) or simply trash those cartridges at incineration plants.

    By doing so, those hazardous chemical will get further distributed. But in case the OEM’S are “officially” aware of such contamination risk (further distributing such dangerous chemicals) they would be legally obliged to do something about it.

    The best option they would have, is to further fight the illegal import and use of those clones. (by patents /copy rights) At the same time those larger companies that purchase and further distribute clones within Europe may realize, that they could get legal problems as well when selling such contaminated plastics. (And ignorance does not protect against punishment). To the best of my knowledge this institute so far just investigated one cartridge. But in case this practice is a method for China to get rid of hazardous material, the problem could be massive.
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