LD Products Won't Engage 'Internet Trolls' Critic Slamming It's Toner

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LD Products Won't Engage 'Internet Trolls' Critic Slamming It's Toner

 news 2018-07-26 at 12:34:56 pm Views: 376
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    LD Products Won't Engage
    'Internet Trolls' Critic Slamming It's Toner Claims. 

    Tonernews.com reached out to Christian Pepper for comment and he declined stating:  
    “Our Company Policy is Not To Engage in a Dialog With Anonymous Internet Trolls”
    Image result for 'Internet Trolls'

    Recent articles by Christian Pepper, president of LD Channel Partner Division, told industry publishers claiming product return rates of 1% most likely are False,Misleading and Fraudulent. 

    Historically defective return can show up to 1 year after the sale and since LD’s Wholesale Division just started shipping this Feb it stands to reason they wouldn’t have received much back yet. But it’s coming that’s a Fact! 

    We are challenging LD Products and Christian Pepper to come clean and be Honest. Christian was quoted as saying “Return Rates and Defect Rates are Not the same thing- Oh Really, tell that to your New Wholesale Dealers. 

    Where is the evidence? We all know You need a good solid 12 months to be accurate. 
    Is Christian Pepper paying for Fake industry news? 

    We are calling BS on this one! 
    “The Toner Consortium”

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